Mrs. Yehudis Abramowitz has mastered the TAT® technique for release of the emotional charge of traumatic incidents. The therapy worked wonders, not only on those incidents that I remembered, but also on those that had remained in the unconscious recesses of my mind.  I suffered from a fear of airports, fear of losing my possessions, financial insecurities, fear of rejection in relationships and more.  The treatments successfully decreased my anxiety and its resulting symptoms, unlocking the hidden happiness huddled beneath the surface of my being.  The technique of TAT® seemed all too simple, yet it produced an amazingly successful healing.  After several sessions, I had a startlingly rapid recovery from unconscious traumatic memories that I never suspected were the root cause of my current and ongoing dilemmas.  I was able to achieve formidable changes in the way I live my life and was able to access a joy that I didn't know existed before!
Mrs. V. A.