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What can TAT accomplish?

Mrs. B  is a newly married woman, who was experiencing anxiety whenever she needed to discuss serious matters with her husband. Not only did she feel nervous and upset, but it affected her physically as well, with digestive discomfort, heartburn and other gastro-intestinal symptoms.  She did one session of TAT® and felt relaxed and more able to face her husband with a sense of confidence and self-assurance.  A few days following the treatment, Mrs. B reported that her physical symptoms had disappeared as well!

Miriam G is a widow.  Her children are grown and out of the house.  She feels anxious and alone and reports that no one understands her.  She has attended support groups for widows, but claims that she comes home even more depressed after each meeting.  After just three TAT® sessions, she felt  a new energy and life entering her.  She goes about her daily tasks with a different attitude.  Her children have noticed a difference in her mood and her friends seem more welcoming and open to her company.

 Leora P is going through a painful divorce.  Her children are still young and she feels she is exhausted taking care of them, juggling the legal aspects of the divorce, dealing with her emotionally abusive husband and managing her unsupportive extended family.  She herself is a child of a divorced couple and the last thing she ever imagined is that she would inflict this pain onto her own children.  After several TAT® sessions, Leora has worked through the trauma of her parents' divorce, was able to access her own emotional strength and reconnected with her alienated father, who is now helping her with the financial aspects of the divorce.


 Sarah W had been a passenger in a car accident a few months earlier.  B"H, she and the driver emerged unscathed, but the car was "totaled."  Since the day of the crash, however, Sarah had experienced acute anxiety every time she needed to drive her own car.  Her fears became so pervasive that she soon found herself unable to drive at all. As a result of several TAT®  sessions, Sarah was able to work through the trauma of the accident.  Her anxiety subsided and Sarah found herself eager to get into her car and drive again.  It didn't take long before she found herself behind the wheel, driving calmly and confidently.

 Akiva N was supposed to board Bus #3 from the Kotel.  As his two companions boarded the bus, he realized that his cell phone was not in his pocket.  He waved good-bye to his friends and returned to the Kotel plaza to search for his phone.  He found the phone and took the next bus home. An hour later, the news broke.  Bus #3 had been booby-trapped and had exploded. There were few survivors.  Akiva realized that he was supposed to be on that bus.  His friends, a"h, did not survive the attack.  Feelings of confusion, guilt and grief were surging through his head.  How could he make sense of the incident?  Why was his life spared?  After several TAT® sessions, Akiva was able to come to terms with the trauma, recognizing that it was Hashem's will and that he wasn't to blame.  He was able to sort out his feelings and, although terribly saddened, was no longer haunted by the events of that ominous day.