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What can TAT accomplish?        

Shoshana L is a married woman with six children.  Five of her children are happily married, with children of their own.  Several years earlier, one son had become estranged from the family and Shoshana desperately wanted to reconnect with him, but he refused to return phone calls or text messages.  We did several TAT® sessions together and I taught her how to continue to do sessions on her own.  She did her own self-therapy weekly.  After 4 months, she received a telephone call from her son, asking mechila and telling her that he was ready to reunite with the family!

Yitzchok M is an eleven-year-old who had a fear of flying.  For years, the parents avoided dealing with the issue.  This past year, however, the issue could no longer be avoided.  Yitzchok needed to fly with his mother to visit his ailing grandmother.  After just one session, Yitzchok exclaimed, "You're really good at this!'  Of course, the real test would be when he boarded the flight.  A week after his return from visitng his grandmother, Yitzchok called. He happily reported that he had a great flight and a wonderful visit and now the whole world was open to him!

Henny P is a six-year-old girl, the eldest of four. She had been diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability, that manifested itself in aggressive behavior with both classmates and siblings.  In addition, she has had a difficult time following instructions in school and didn't seem to understand the consequences of her negative behavior, thereby compromising her ability to make and keep friends.  Several TAT® sessions resulted in significant changes in her behavior. She began to recognize and acknowledge her aggressive behavior in school and learned to apologize to the children with whom she had conflicts. She has become more calm and friendly at school. Her ability to follow instructions has improved.

 Chana W divorced her husband a few years ago. Her children are grown and she feels she is ready to search for her zivug sheni. She realized that she is still harboring old resentments over what was missing in her first marriage and used the TAT® sessions to work through the negativity, so that she would be able to prepare herself for a more positive relationship with a new spouse. Many issues came up concerning her relationships with her parents and siblings. Once they were identified and the emotional charge of the trauma was removed, she was able to meet and marry her second husband.

Vichna R has been plagued with obesity since childhood.  Her struggle to lose weight continued into adulthood and was exacerbated with each pregnancy.  Following a number of TAT® sessions, Vichna was able to identify the trauma that had triggered her distorted relationship with food.  Her parents had tried to use food as a way of helping her to feel grateful for the abundance of food that the family had.  However, the result of their attitude was that they inadvertently instilled guilt instead. Vichna felt guilty for having an abundance of food available and felt compelled to finish her plate, even when she wasn't hungry.  Once the trauma was cleared, Vichna was able to keep to a dietary regimen and succeeded in losing 20 kilo (44 lbs.)!