Mrs. .vMrts. iding dedicated network engineers, we make your networking needs a priority. You'll feel more comfortable and be assured better service having a team that understands and manages your company's network.


No one has to tell you your company's needs differ from others. And we know you'd prefer the services you receive not come from the shelf. That is why all of our services are tailored to suit your needs. You let us know what you do and we'll provide the right services.

What can TAT accomplish?        

Mrs. M is a young mother with three little children.  She was feeling emotionally overwhelmed with the responsibiilities of taking care of a three-year-old, a two-year-old and an infant.  Laundry, cooking, cleaning up after the children and catering to her husband's needs left no time for sleep, no "alone-time" for her own needs and resentment was building up. She found that she couldn't enjoy spending time with her children, because her mind was wandering, as she dreamed of going out to a shiur or shopping for a sorely needed new sweater and skirt.  After two sessions of TAT®, Mrs. M reported that she found herself sitting on the floor, playing with her children and really being there for them!  Following another session, Mrs. M worked out a way to get out of the house and was able to fill her own spiritual, emotional and material needs, without guilt.

Miss L recently experienced a broken engagement.  It was months after the traumatic event and she still was not able to pull herself together and begin shidduchim again.  She was emotionally stuck.  Feelings of unworthiness, depression, shame and self-deprecation filled her head, day and night.  She couldn't face her friends and family.  After several TAT® sessions, she was able to let go of her negative feelings and began to rebuild her self-esteem. She was able to forgive her ex-fiance and others involved in the break-up.  She became involved in shidduchim again. IY"H, we shouild hear good news soon!

Refuel Z is a 60-year old married man with a family.  He has held  responsible high-power jobs over many years, but more recently, when faced with a new job search, he lost confidence in his abilities and became fearful before every new job interview.  A series of TAT® sessions revealed an unresolved relationship with his overly critical and domineering mother. Work revolved around this relationship, until Refuel was ready to forgive his mother, who had passed away several years earlier.  Once resolved, he was free to pursue his career with confidence and self-esteem.

Rivka T is a mature woman, who had enjoyed a successful teaching career. Throughout her life, however, she suffered from anxiety, low self-esteem and numerous allergies.  She had experienced several unsuccessful marriages over the years and was currently having difficulty maintaining friendships with women friends. TAT® work involved making peace with her abusive and rejecting parents, in order for her to begin to repair her past and current relationships.  Her anxiety level was significantly reduced, her self-esteem was bolstered and even her allergies began to dissipate, one by one. 

Dobra B is a divorcee with four children.  Her ex-husband would continually threaten to bring her to court, concerning change of custody of the children or reductions in child support.  Each time she was served with a summons, Dobra experienced paralyzing anxiety. She decided to do a TAT® session the night before each court appearance.  It proved to relax her and she was able to face each situation calmly and with self-confidence. B"H, in addition, she was successful in achieving her legal goals every single time.