Mrs. .vMrts. iding dedicated network engineers, we make your networking needs a priority. You'll feel more comfortable and be assured better service having a team that understands and manages your company's network.


No one has to tell you your company's needs differ from others. And we know you'd prefer the services you receive not come from the shelf. That is why all of our services are tailored to suit your needs. You let us know what you do and we'll provide the right services.

What can TAT accomplish?

Esther S is a single woman in her 40's. She "hated her body" and was a compulsive overeater.  After six TAT® sessions, she made peace with her self-image and gained new control over her eating. She found the strength to forgive her overbearing, controlling parents, for their lack of emotional support and understanding.  Over the next few months, she lost 10 kilo (22 lbs.) and her self-esteem improved tremendously. She prepared to make a long-desired move to a new community and began a new career.

Yosef Z is a 20 year old bachur who suffered socially because of his stuttering.  After one session of TAT®, he began to speak fluently and even slowed down the pace of his speech, which had been rapid and labored. He couldn't believe it!  A year later, when under extreme stress, the stuttering reoccurred.  Several additonal TAT sessions relieved him of the stress and restored normative speech.

 Mrs. N is an elderly woman living alone. She had been experiencing acute anxiety, including heart palpitations, sleeplessness and depression for several weeks.  Her doctor prescribed anti-anxiety medication, however, Mrs. N was reluctant to take the meds, because of possible negative side effects.  One TAT® session helped her to sleep through the night and reduced her anxiety. She continued daily self-treatment with an abbreviated TAT® protocol for two weeks, until her symptoms completely disappeared!

 Mrs. G is a divorced woman living alone. She had been experiencing feelings of isolation and estrangement from her children, relatives and community. She knew that one of her daughters needed financial help, but was fearful of being rejected if she dared approach the daughter and offer her aid.  After only one session of TAT®, working on her family relationships, an amazing event happened. Unsolicited, Mrs. G's sister offered assistance to Mrs. G's daughter and was able to help her out of her difficulty.  More amazing  than that, the daughter actually called Mrs. G to acknowledge her gratefulness for receiving the help.  Not only can TAT® help the client, but also can help extended family and friends.

Shmueli D is a five-year-old who had been experiencing '"scary dreams" for a number of months. Because he was afraid of re-living the dreams each night, it was a struggle for the parents to get him to settle down and go to sleep.  With his mother present, I did a brief TAT® session with the boy. It took no more than 5 minutes. The next day, the mother reported that Shmueli had gone to sleep peacefully the night before and awoke that morning announcing that he had no more scary dreams.  I taught the mother a simplified technique to do with Shmueli each night for the next week
and all continued to be well.  A few months later, I met Shmueli's mother on the bus.  "Bedtime is a pleasure," she exclaimed. "No more nightmares, no more bedtime struggles!"