What is TAT®?

TAT®'s basic theory suggests that a trauma is a "stuck" moment that continues to cause stress.  TAT® is effective in freeing a person from the results of past and present trauma, from anxiety, fears and phobias, from allergic reactions; and from the emotional origins of physical illness.  TAT® can free a person from false beliefs and help lead a life of happiness!

How does TAT® work?

The length of treatment varies according to each situation.  However, as a general rule, individuals usually experience significant relief even after just one session.  Subsequent sessions solidify the gains and continue to heal the deeper origins of the issues. A full course of therapy usually takes between 3 and 12 sessions.  If we compare the time line of TAT® treatment to traditional psychotherapy, the number of sessions needed is a fraction of traditional therapies.  Children respond amazingly quickly, perhaps because their belief systems are still flexible, thus they are more open to healing.  

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How long does TAT® treatment take?

In person and telephone consultations available

Live a Happier, more Spiritual

Gain Self-Confidence

Relief from Fears, Phobias and Trauma

Relief from Stress and Anxiety

The TAT® procedure is gentle, yet the effects are potentially very powerful.  One need not re-experience the origins of the pain or trauma in order to heal through TAT®TAT® therapy uses an acupressure pose and a series of thoughtful statements that release the emotional charge of past and present trauma.  TAT® therapy is Hashem-focused and utilizes the processes of expressing gratitude and forgiveness.