Our Story

Geulah Life Center is the outgrowth of 20 years of searching for effective, gentle psychotherapeutic approaches to life's challenges.  Mrs. Yehudis Abramowitz, MSW, is a licensed certified social worker.  She was Director of the Counseling Center of Monsey for twenty years, before relocating to the Geulah section of Jerusalem in 2015.

Since opening its doors in the Holy City, the Geulah Life Center has grown in scope and reputation. Our clients appreciate the caring and sensitivity of our staff to their personal issues. Our staff are all Certified TAT® Professionals.  Many of our clients have experienced lasting personal growth and relief as a result of the treatment.

We, at the Geulah Life Center, believe in being accessible. Our commitment is to assure you of an appointment within a few days of your contacting us.  We are available via phone, SMS, email or whatsapp.

     Putting Your Needs First